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The Process

Step One  - Get In Touch

Get your grand design underway, most clients will get in touch once they have architect drawings ready to share however, we are happy to work closely with our customers from the very beginning of a project so if you’d like our input, we can help to formulate the initial design, navigate planning and recommend architects that we have worked with for many years.

Step Two - Quote

Once you share your drawings and plans we require two weeks to scope out the project and supply a quote. Our quotes are priced so that we can do the highest standard of work without any extras being charged, whilst also providing a superior service compared to any other local builder. 

Step Three - Start Date

It is typical for our existing projects to be scheduled in for the next six months so any new projects will be pencilled in to start after those. Communication with our clients is key so will we keep you fully informed of any movement to the calendar and when we anticipate your work to begin.

To give an idea of project timescales, starting from day one on site a loft conversion will typically take eight to ten weeks to complete depending on the size of the job and an extension eight to twelve weeks. In regards to payment schedule we break down the works in 10-12 phases depending on the job size, these are agreed prior to the works commencing. This means you won’t be lumped with a big bill at the end, or have to front the money straight away!  Changes to the scope of work are sometimes inevitable no matter how thorough the initial brief, if and when additions crop up we will always supply a quote for approval before proceeding with the work. We fully appreciate that building work can be disruptive to your day to day lives. We pride ourselves on keeping a tidy site to minimise the disruption to your home, protecting your furniture and carpets, and keeping mess to a minimum.


Thanks for submitting!

We will be pleased to meet you on site to discuss your work requirements and provide you with a quotation.

Fill out the form below or contact us on  07890 534689 or 01206 573175

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